relationships advice : finding a soul mate

How to attract love and romance with just your mind

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It is now well-known that people communicate with each other on a subconscious level constantly. Most of this communication occurs in the alpha or theta brainwave level.

We are constantly communicating with and affecting each other, whether we realize it or not...

In this free video you'll learn about a technique called erotic influencing.

This is a powerful new mind power technique that almost no one knows about. It's about attracting a new romantic partner, or bringing back the closeness in dying relationships...

Maybe you're having problems 'getting noticed' by new potential partners?

Maybe you've lost that connection or spark with your old partner? ...Like Carrie, before she used the Contact program...

"We are closer now than we have been in years"

"The Contact Program has worked very well for me! And it worked faster than I expected as well. I used it for improving my relationship with my husband of 11 years, and immediately I noticed him responding to me differently. We were in a 'rut' so to speak and I wanted to bring back the connection and spice to our marriage. I worked with the visualizations and in some cases actually noticed he would do or say something "just as I had visualized it".

"That was huge confirmation for me. Our relationship is very strong and we are closer now than we have been in years. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who is looking to effect their relationship. You will be pleasantly surprised." Carrie, USA

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For nearly 10 years, a small privately funded team carried out research into advanced mind power. All of their discoveries were classified as 'leading edge' knowledge, with a few in the 'world first' category.

You'll be able to access a revolutionary program from their research called 'The Amazing Mental Pendulum'. Use this technique to tap into your intuition without the need for any device... could use this ability to determine which dates may be the best match for you - before you even go on them!

You'll be able to access the Dream Programming audios - Attract the perfect partner and feel confident and dynamic.

Simply listen to the audios as you drop off to sleep. They'll communicate to your subconscious mind helping to turn your dreams into reality.

I know all this sounds pretty incredible, so they're also giving away some powerful free gifts which explain eveything, including 'Mind Surge: The Consciousness Revolution'

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  • What force is required change your psychic reality into a physical reality
  • Plus the complete Dream programming technique revealed for free for the very first time - how to improve your life while sleeping
  • How you can heal people across the world with the power of your mind in Remote Influencing (comes with a remote influencing exercise you can try)
  • How matter and anti matter create our physical world
  • An E-Prime exercise to improve your mental wiring
  • What the dream world is made of, and how it is possible to have shared dreams
  • And much more

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