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How to Find Your Soul Mate Using 4 Proven Strategies

Author: Troy Dizon

The Truth Behind Finding Your Soul Mate

At the end of the day, it's all about calculated luck. You want to increase your chances of finding a soul mate by increasing the chances of the way YOU present yourself to the opposite sex. I made a survey not too long ago and made an interpretation of the data on how people usually meet and attract each other. That's how I ended up with the term Preconceived Seduction.

Let me repeat that, you want to "improve" the way YOU present yourself to the opposite sex.

Find Your Soul Mate Tip #1: Who is Your Target Audience?

I personally don't like leaving things to chance, and neither should you. Do a soul mate inventory using the steps below so you can pinpoint exactly WHO your ideal soul mate is and WHERE you can possibly find this person!

Jot down:

  1. Looks and appearance
  2. His or Her Lifestyle (be as specific as possible - hobbies, day to day activities)
  3. Social Groups this person might be in
  4. Core Values and Beliefs (just jot down your own)

Voila! You've narrowed things down by 90%! From here on it will be easy because now you're "locked onto" this type of person that you consider a possible soul mate. Don't move on to the next steps without doing this one.

Find Your Soul Mate Tip #2: Share Yourself First

Most people put up a wall of ego to protect their feelings and emotions. In this case, once you've pinpointed the type of person you want to meet, it shouldn't be hard to actually share bits and pieces about yourself to begin with. It's a good way to start the ball rolling to share yourself first. If you're wondering WHAT you're supposed to share, refer to the Soul Mate Inventory that I just made you do on step 1. That's right. You reveal EXACTLY the stuff that you made an inventory on.

Find Your Soul Mate Tip #3: Relatability:

Finding your soul mate is NOT about being at your best all the time when you're with him and her. On the contrary, a soul mate is someone you can connect with on all levels, and during good times and bad times.

Most people tend to show only their best sides in an attempt to impress the other person but doing ONLY that will repel them away. You want to also show your imperfections by being open like say if you had a bad day or some event in your life just threw you off. Don't get too deep YET, but test these waters. Start small and share some small vulnerabilities and imperfections to people and you'll see that increasingly they'll feel very comfortable with you.

Find Your Soul Mate Tip #4: Pace Your Interactions

Okay, so you've found yourself someone you can truly, truly connect with. Don't rush things even if you're as excited as a person who won the lottery. Take your time and don't bum rush this person with texts, calls, and invites so fast. Remember, a relationship develops over time, so pace yourself and don't be needy. At least send this person a text every 2 days. If that person does connect with you he or she will call you no matter what. An example of that is a review done by one of my mentoring students who allowed the interaction to grow and found his girlfriend in 2 weeks time.

Okay, you're now equipped with some very good tools to start. From here on, just improve your interactions with people and you can't lose. I sincerely hope you find what you're looking for and if it works out for you drop me a line on my site where I've got many, many dating tips that actually work.

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